What is RoomShop?

RoomShop is a service developed entirely with Microsoft .NET tools

It’s latest version has been positioned and optimized for Windows Azure platform applying the power and scalability of Microsoft’s cloud computing innovative environment.

There exists in fact an internal module of Roomshop that automatically increases or decreases the process instances on Windows Azure based on the load and number of client requests: maximizing it’s power, when needed.

RoomShop operates - exclusively - in hotels or chains that have an in-house IT department


The RoomShop service consists of 4 modules:

  • RateHistory

    Controls your competitor’s behavior

  • eSold

    Retrieves reservations from web portals and sends them to your system via an agreed format

  • RS-Link

    Enables you to post your room availability and prices on tourism portals directly from your RMS or PMS

  • RS-Feedback

    Retrieves reviews written by your customers (or your competitors) from tourism portals

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RoomShop service, was produced ​in 2005, it specializes in the hotel industry and is part of an engine called Ravanatore© uses its own technology to recuperate and supply customers with any type of information required from the internet based on individual needs (the service can be developed ad-hoc for customers or information can be fed directly to the customer’s database LAN).

It is a perfect technology for those who wish to monitor punctually, for example, price trends for individual brands in retail or mass distribution.